Teen Bottoms that really need a hard punishment spanking


Japanese Schoolgirl punishment

Asian school discipline

Real school corporal punishment for Japanese schoolgirl

At an all girl’s high school in Japan, once a week they are brought into the school auditorium for a uniform check.  One of the essential pieces of their uniforms is their panties.  The process for checking is simple, all girls must pull down their panties, below their skirt until they are visible to the administrators.  You can tell be the look on the girl’s faces who are not wearing panties what is next.  they will be taken to the headmaster’s office and will very soon be wishing they were wearing panties.  they will be required to touch their toes and take 12 hard strokes with a heavy wooden cane.  Corporal punishment administered in this manner will leave each girl bruised and sore for many days to come.  They will not forget the next morning as they pull their panties up over their swollen bottoms.

Sometimes a spanking is just needed

Teen spanking

She is about to have her teen bottom spanked long and hard with mom’s belt.

Moms and dads try everything, but sometimes it is a spanking that is required.  This teen girl was sent to her room, required to bare her bottom and bend over her bed.  Mom is not going to go easy this time…a long and hard strapping to her teen butt is what is required to teach her a real lesson.